Our Process


Claremont works with you, and your employees, to gain a better understanding of exactly how your business operates.

Paramount to the success of our process is an in depth understanding of all elements of your business, focusing on the financial.

We need to be aware of all known issues, all actions taken to resolve them and the company’s short, medium and long term goals.


We evaluate current systems and processes, taking into account a wide range of factors that affect the overall efficiency of the company.

Examples of this would be: the cost of your foreign exchange & international transactions, payroll system efficiency and banking jurisdiction . Subsequent to this initial consultation, we use all relevant information and data provided, to analyse all possible solutions and structures.

This process incorporates the entire Corporate & Capital services divisions. We consult our Wealth Management division where ‘wealth’ matters are involved. This culminates in a personalised case study for your business.


Our Corporate Services team will design a solution tailored to your business.

This proposal will be designed by the entire team, utilising every facet of the company and all expertise at our disposal – this could be a financial model, a full external audit, providing access to an exotic currency, creating a risk management plan or as simple as providing better foreign exchange rates, or potentially all of the above.


Our dedicated team works with you and all relevant employees to implement the solution, we then provide training for your team and continue to support you once the solution is established.

Periodical review of all solutions implemented is recommended to maintain the suitability and efficiency of all structures in place.

Case Studies

Maybury Gate

Managing currency volatility through Brexit with Maybury Gate

Construct Trade

Saudi Arabia company uses Claremont’s BPS solution to great effect.

2A Group

Read how Claremont worked with the 2A Group to streamline their foreign exchange process

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