Currency Solutions

Your Currency Accounts

  • In 5+ countries in Europe and North America
  • In 36+ currencies
  • Recognised by banks worldwide via the SWIFT network
  • Accepting domestic and international payments.

Offer Your Clients A Convenient Way To Pay You In Their Local Currency

  • Accept payments in the local currency of your client, helping you win business
  • Ensure transfers always addressed to an account in your name
  • Obtain in-country accounts to collect locally without a need for you to have local presence or setup.

Currency Accounts Available


– more available soon.

Manage Your Cash And FX Exposure Better And More Efficiently

  • Hold balances in foreign currencies and access your funds online, anytime
  • Make fast money transfers and pay suppliers in 150+ currencies
  • Simplify reconciliation with exact matching between payments and invoices
  • Move funds to and from your subsidiaries faster
  • Access Our Brokers FX, hedging, financing and cash management solutions.

Move Faster Than A Bank

  • Currency Accounts provided within hours
  • Register online or talk to one of our specialists to find out the best brokerage for your business or personal needs.

Forward Contracts

Our brokers offer a range of forward contracts from fixed forwards to flexible window forwards to lock in your currency exchange rate for up to seven years.

Choose a rate which suits the business that will allow you to buy and sell in the future at a known rate.

Manage and budget cash flow without concern of exchange rate volatility and fluctuations.

Forward contracts can be used as hedging mechanisms for your business, You can hedge your emerging market currency risk through our comprehensive range of non-deliverable forwards.

Simplify foreign exchange for your accounting team – achieve totally clear budgeting

Speak to one the team at

Our Risk Management Capabilities

Our platform’s currency risk management solutions allow you to effectively manage the inherent currency risks of trading internationally.

No matter the size of your business, our expertise and currency forecasts will help support you in making decisions to protect margins and improve budget forecasting.


We get to know your business, trade flows and risk appetite to create a currency risk management strategy that’s right for you.


Our hedging solutions allow you to manage currency risk in over 140 currencies and utilise forward contracts in the short, medium and long term, from 3 days up to 5 years.


Whether sending money to suppliers, paying invoices or receiving funds from subsidiaries or clients, your profit margins are protected from market volatility and you have a clear cash flow making budgeting easier.

Multi Payment

Pay up to 1000 beneficiary accounts, in any currency and any jurisdiction – in one single payment.

This is a worldwide payment facility and FX solution to pay your employees and suppliers correctly, on time and in the currency they need.

Remove the potential for manual error by automating your processes for high-volume payments.

Load your beneficiaries once and then simply upload your payment date and the multi payment feature does the rest. You will be give one single figure to pay out all beneficiaries in any amount of currencies

Understand the simplicity of multi payment by contacting the team at

Trade Finance

Our Import Lending Capabilities

Our brokers import lending solutions give you flexible credit to finance international purchases, so you never miss an opportunity to grow your business.

Not only do they provide the finance, they can also send your supplier the payment, quickly and securely, in their local currency.

How Our Solution Works

Flexible Lending

A better-suited funding capability to target where the company cash flow lag originates.

Pay as You Go

Only accrue interest once you have used the credit line. No usage = zero cost.

Ease of Use

Simple and transparent platform to make and track your international transactions.

No Upfront Fees

Our brokers don’t believe in charging you for something you haven’t used. Their import lending solution has no fees to set up or maintain, and no unnecessary admin charges.

Up to 150 Days Repayment

You can borrow for up to 150 days and repay in full at any point during the fixed term of the agreement, with no early repayment fees. You only pay interest on the amount of finance you use, when you use it.

Currencycloud does not provide services other than unregulated FX spots and forwards, and payments services related to these activities

Direct Supplier Repayments

They’ll pay your international suppliers directly in their local currency using their fast and secure international payment capabilities in over 140 currencies. This process increases efficiency and reduces the administrative burden on your business.

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