Our Company

Claremont is an international consultancy established in 2015, designed to work exclusively with international corporate entities.

Our focus is to help businesses increase profits by driving down costs and improving operational efficiency. Primarily, the functionality of the Corporate Services division is mechanical; company formation, the establishment of corporate bank accounts and the Business Payment Solution (BPS).

Where a deeper understanding and analysis of a company’s DNA is required, we rely on the Capital Advisory division.

23 years of experience in every aspect of corporate finance, shared by divison heads Thomas Coombes (CFA) & Patrick Aling (ACA) positions us well when understanding corproate requirements in international markets, our geographical experience spans Asia, Africa, the Middle East and with extensive experience in the UK & Europe.

What We Do

Our primary focus is to analyse, and then model, strategic solutions for corporate financial decisions. We couple an in-depth analysis and review process with extensive research, to provide our clients with tailored financial solutions, whoever and wherever the client may be.

We work with business owners across a diverse range of companies and industries across the globe, with our primary markets being Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our advisory service seeks to add clarity and conviction to management decisions in key areas such as; foreign exchange, company formation, capital investment, capital raising and general financial risk management.


Claremont’s process is designed to analyse and evaluate the data provided by each company on an individual basis. The investigatory work conducted by Claremont culminates in the marketing of one, or a series of, institutions that can fully accommodate the companies requirements.

Claremont has open access to global institutions that lead the corporate service industry. We are not a tied agency and can work freely and openly with the entire international marketplace.

Our independent structure ensures that we provide unbiased advice that is solely based on the requirements of each individual business. Our clients are the core concern of everything we do, and every decision we make.

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